Collection: The 2023 Formula 18 World Champion sails

Are you interested in acquiring the same set of sails that Emil and Rasmus used to secure their victory at the F18 Worlds 2023? We are thrilled to announce the commencement of production for these sails.
Now, we have the capability to construct sails identical to the ones they used in Travemuende.
Prepare to experience the added speed!

The F18 1D Sails have demonstrated their compatibility with various boat types and brands, showcasing their potential over the past few years. The 1D Sail sets have achieved triumph in Argentina, Spain, Italy, and at international regattas. However, what truly sets this sail type apart is the significant number of sailors who have chosen 1D for its brand, design, and racing-quality.
In both the Argentinian and Spanish Nationals, the majority (over 70%) of the fleet proudly sailed 1D Sails.