F18 North Americans 2023: 1D Sails on top

F18 North Americans 2023: 1D Sails on top

The F18 North American championships 2023 was held in the Burlington Beach Catamaran Club. 
Experience the thrill of racing with our wide selection of 1D Sails sets, available for a variety of boats such as Nacra Evolution, Goodall Akkurra, Scorpion, and even a pimped Hobie Tiger!

Let's see how the guys sailing 1D Sails finished:

Charles Froeb/Matthieu Marfaing triumphed with a Nacra Evolution after an incredible sailing, whereas Ulrich Gollwitzer-Liam Walz secured 4th place with a Nacra Infusion Mk2.
Daniel Borg and Chris Molder took the 7th place with a pimped Hobie Tiger, Daniel Hearn and Arden Patton took the 8th place with an Akurra with a nice, stylish color.
Our Canadian dealer, Olivier Pilon and his crew Amélie Larouche achieved 9th place with a Scorpion while Steve Stroebel/James Melvin arrived to the 10th place with a Nacra Evo.

If we're really counting, 1D Sails completely dominated the top ten boats, including the champion.

You can get a pretty good idea of how 1D Sails performs on various boats.

Overall results can be found here, Congratulations for all the sailors!!!

Pics by Pierre Poirier here

023 F18 North American Championship


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