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1D Sails

A class catamaran Classic mainsail

A class catamaran Classic mainsail

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Multiple A-Cat boat types... Well our response was multiple sail designs and a variety of materials!

We’ve worked with Trigonis Konstantinos, Iago Lopez Marra to test our different ideas. Gonzalo Redondo, the designer of the AD3 boats, also participated in the fine-tuning of the A-Cat sail design.

We offer the A-Cat sails to all brands of boats, all types of masts and crew weights.

You can choose the material which fits best for you, from pentex through technora/Endumax upto membranes.

When you order, please specify your boat, beam to beam distance, mast datas, crew weight and sailing conditions you prefer to sail.

Each sails consist:

- Fiberfoam battens,
- Sail numbers
- Class insignia
- Sail bag

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1D - One Design Sails

We build high-quality, high-performance  sails for any boat size and all class types. The performance of these sails are proven by many legendary sailors who have achieved fantastic results using our 1D Sails.We think of our sailors as our own, and every one of their achievements is our win too.