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M8 MF FreeFoiling

M8 MF FreeFoiling

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M8 MFR Racing

While producing the M8 MF FreeFoiling sail, we use the highest technology for design, trying to marry the fastest possible shape with the easiest handling. Our materials and craftmanship secures long lasting sails. We focus on the core, and the quality of the sails while we leave out all the unnecessary “jewelry” parts. Our focus is on the “raw” sails, concentrating on the performance, weight, longevity and materials.

The M8 windfoiling sails come in different sizes , from 6.0 to 8.0.

Do you need mast as well? Check the M8 Slake Masts too!



Size Luff Boom Ideal mast Battens Cams Price
6.0 TBA TBA TBA 6 0-1 TBA
7.0 TBA TBA TBA 6 0-2 TBA
8.0 TBA TBA TBA 6 0-2 TBA


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1D - One Design Sails

We build high-quality, high-performance  sails for any boat size and all class types. The performance of these sails are proven by many legendary sailors who have achieved fantastic results using our 1D Sails.We think of our sailors as our own, and every one of their achievements is our win too.