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Formula 16 jib premium line

Formula 16 jib premium line

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Premium line is a winning sail set that is compatible with all F16 boat types and brands. Details compared to F16 Essential:

construction based differences optimised for speed and performance, while the shape is kept the same, complementing the mainsail perfectly. 

Since Emmanuel LeChapelier started to race with a 1D Sails F16 we're continuously collaborating with him to improve the design of these sail sets.

Since our work started the 1D F16s won many national and European titles. The 1D Sails fit all boat types and brand, so it’s your choice to pick your combo! Let’s go sailing!

The 1D team is continuously working on a newer, faster sail set with a decksweaper mainsail.  As we’ve designed and produce decksweaper sails for the F18 and A-cat classes since 2017, and for Moth sails since 2020 we’ll implement all the learnings into this new F16 design.

DeckSweaper results

The 1D DeckSweaper sails are ruling the F18 class podiums since 2018 on local and international events. We’ve improved the handling and performance ratio in 2021 that also added to the performance of the teams sailing with 1D sails to win European and World championships.

Order your F16 DS sails at an introductory price

By purchasing your sail you also get access to the 1D Sails Club, a closed facebook group where you can find:

  • Tutorial videos on the sail’s set up and use
  • Knowledgebase on how to tune your sails and boats
  • Inspiring community, where we help each other to push your limits, pushing you further, reaching greater speed and results

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1D - One Design Sails

We build high-quality, high-performance  sails for any boat size and all class types. The performance of these sails are proven by many legendary sailors who have achieved fantastic results using our 1D Sails.We think of our sailors as our own, and every one of their achievements is our win too.