Collection: Bibs

Elevate your regatta experience with our cutting-edge racing bib, crafted from special Lycra material that's designed to take your performance to the next level. Whether you're a dinghy or a catamaran sailor, our one-size-fits-all racing bib is the perfect addition to your kit for regattas and more.
Engineered for a sleek, snag-free fit over buoyancy aids and trapeze harnesses. Our snug Lycra design minimizes snags on sheets, trapeze lines, and control lines while preventing tiller extensions from getting caught under shoulder straps. Streamline your performance on the water with the UVCovers Regatta Bib.
This plain racing bib allows you the flexibility to print your sponsors' logos or accommodate any requirements set by regatta officials. It's your blank canvas for customization, ensuring you're ready to race with a professional and polished look.