UV Covers users' guide

Project Kft. as the producer and seller of UV Covers bot covers declares the following.

UV Covers protects the boat from the strong sun rays, dirt and mildew. It is not a waterproof cover and not a winter cover. It is recommended for shorter periods use, like regattas and training sessions. It is very light, breathable, washable and easy to apply. The warranty is valid only for occasional use in summer. Using the cover under 0 Celsius degrees can possibly loose it's colour, it extand and probably split. If that happens the cover will no longer save the boat from UV rays. In case of easily recognizable winter use, we can not insure the guarantee.

We can deal with any occurrent warranty claims only for purchases after 1st of January 2017, by showing the invoice, during 1 year after the purchase. Please contact us with trust, we will try to solve any problems!