Collection: Formula 18

The F18 Decksweapers are the flagship sails of our brand. Great design, high-quality materials and attention to details creates perfection.

The exceptional results and widespread acclaim enjoyed by these sails can be attributed to our unwavering commitment to outstanding design and continuous development in collaboration with esteemed figures in the sailing world. Among these luminaries are Dany Paschalidis, Trigonis Konstantinos, Mitch Booth and his family, and Darren Bundock, who secured the 2019 World Championship using a 1D Sail. In 2023, we are proud to welcome aboard Emil Jarudd and Rasmus Rosengren, further enriching our roster of renowned collaborators.

The F18 1D Sails have demonstrated their compatibility with various boat types and brands, showcasing their potential over the past few years. The 1D Sail sets have achieved triumph in Argentina, Spain, Italy, and at international regattas. However, what truly sets this sail type apart is the significant number of sailors who have chosen 1D for its brand, design, and racing-quality.
In both the Argentinian and Spanish Nationals, the majority (over 70%) of the fleet proudly sailed 1D Sails.