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1D Sails

Moth sail

Moth sail

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A badass team and some experimental design with ideas taken from the windfoiling world made this fantastic, lightweight sail happen!

The 1D Sails moth development was led by the moth guru, Kevin Ellway and Ellway Aero-Hydrodynamics. Kevin’s experience in sail, foil and boat design and our love for this catsailing class was a guarantee that something great is going to happen. And we need to say, the results haven’t disappointed us!

We offer the Moth sails to all brands of boats, all types of masts and crew weights.
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1D - One Design Sails

We build high-quality, high-performance  sails for any boat size and all class types. The performance of these sails are proven by many legendary sailors who have achieved fantastic results using our 1D Sails.We think of our sailors as our own, and every one of their achievements is our win too.